University President opens a number of special units at the center of people with special needs

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University, opened four distinct units in the Center for Special Needs at the Faculty of Graduate Studies for Childhood. This was in the presence of Prof. Dr. Gamal Sami, Governor of Fayoum, and a number of deans of the faculties and faculty members.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, President of the University, pointed out that the profession of medicine that God has given us is the only profession in which the employer has a reward besides his monthly salary.

The opening included the oxygen therapy unit, which is 100% oxygen inhalation but under high pressure, leading to the elimination of toxins and bacteria and the treatment of many chronic diseases.

Prof. Dr. Huwayda al-Jabali, Dean of the faculty, pointed out that oxygen therapy is not a new method of treatment but has been known for a long time, but is not known to many and some are surprised about how to use oxygen in treatment.

In normal circumstances, oxygen transfers through blood circulation to all the cells and tissues of the body. However, when a person breathes oxygen under pressure, oxygen dissolves in fluids and tissues of the body, so that he can reach every cell and tissue without the need for a blood vessel. Which keeps the vitality of cells, and helps to repair damaged cells even if the blood vessel is broken or blocked at different rates.

In addition, oxygen is an important factor in the treatment of wounds, fractures and ulcers. It helps to accelerate the healing of wounds and reduces the chances of bacterial contamination, as it is a catalyst for white blood cells responsible for fighting microbial infections, and oxygen under pressure kills some types of microbes. On the formation of new blood, filaments for tissues that lack blood vessels and have no side effects.

For diseases treated with oxygen under pressure. Hereditary disorders of children, some diseases of rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, migraine, early aging and Alzheimer's disease Paralysis Cerebral hemorrhage in children with Parkinson's disease.

Many children with autism benefit from oxygen therapy under stress, by improving their language performance and some motor skills.

The sensory integration room, or sensory room, is a special room designed to develop human senses. It can be used as a treatment for children with limited communication skills.

The idea of the sensory chamber is based on the nervous system connects and integrates all the sensations emanating from the body. Therefore, any imbalance in attaching any homogeneity of these senses (such as senses of smell, hearing, sight, touch, balance, taste) may lead to subjective symptoms and psychological disorders.

Among the signs of improvement in autistic children after the use of sensory integration as a method of treatment is the low rate of aggressive behavior and self-harm behavior, the child becomes more stable and quiet, increased concentration and attention rates, improved sleep habits, improved physical harmony, improved verbal and nonverbal communication .

The hydrotherapy unit is a means of physical therapy, and includes all external means of using fluids for the purpose of treatment. Water is the best type of fluid because it is easy to change from one image to another and conveys heat and cold to the human body in addition to its ability to absorb and absorb excellent heat.

Water therapy is used for multiple purposes and in treating many of the injuries. It depends on exposure to cold-water flow and calves to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the body. It is also possible to add some substances or herbs to increase its therapeutic effect for pain treatment because wet heat is very effective in relieving pain.

This last method of deep relaxation is based on the use of hydrotherapy. It is called a neutral bath so that the water temperature is equivalent to the heat of the body and when you put yourself into this neutral bath, a deep relaxation effect in the nervous system and neutral water is useful in all cases of psychological anxiety and stress. It is a general tonic for the heart and tonic, and should not be used this bathroom if you have a skin problem represented by the interaction of skin with water.

  • Oct 10, 2018